Guille Lopez:

I am 36, I am located in Barcelona and I consider myself a Digital Product Engineer. That's someone who is able to think about problems in terms of how to help users, or grow user base or burst revenue, as opposed to been atracted to just interesting technical problems.

SO FAR this year:

A new venture - Bemove

In the past:

Selected Projects - Old portfolio in PDF

Two Shopify App - Duplicate and Factory - Freelancing for Output

Two Shopify Themes - Colors and California

The Line — Freelancing for AB

Electric Objects - Freelancing for EO

Ssssaving - It didn't work out

Ebay - Full Time for 1 year

Svpply - Full Time for 2 years

Breel - Full Time for 3 years


Should we build something together?

Email me, or tweet me.

Guille Lopez, Barcelona September 2018